FY 41 AP Lite, flight timer stops!

Has anyone else found that if flying the FY41 AP Lite in to a head wind with negative ground speed the flight timer stops?

Hi, I have not heard of that specific issue, however I do know of some general flight timer issues with the Fy 41 ap in the earlier firmware releases but some of them are now fixed in the newest firmware. What version firmware are you using? Is it v1.25?

Yes I think it is version 1.25 but will check next time out.
Another question please, I am intending to thermal to 300 to 500 metres if I were to switch to RTH the plane will need to lose 200 to 400 metres when GPS has it above the home point. Will the autopilot limit the speed of decent? The air speed entered on the set up is 43 kph, I fear the wings will explode over 200kph and it does pick up speed very fast in a dive!

I have checked my firmware on my fy41 ap lite I am running v1.04 for the module and v 1.22a for the osd. Can you confirm these are the latest versions please?