FY-41AP Lite - Entry level FPV autopilot

Feiyu Tech have recetly announced a new budget fixed wing flight controller called the FY-41AP lite. Its a derivative of their awesome FY-41AP autopilot with a suggested retail price of $159. Included in that price you will also get the GPS module, Power module and Airspeed sensor (not to mention the built in OSD). Its designed for those who want a simple but reliable system for thier fixed wing FPV aircraft and on paper this seems like a great option.

Comparison between FY-41AP and FY-41AP lite

The table below shows the key differance between the two autopilots. The only thing missing for the FY-41AP lite is waypoint navigation, but if you need that you can use the full FY-41AP which has that feature for fixed wing. It unfortunately does not support multirotors (and will not because its missing a compass)

You can find some more details about this autopilot here