Cant Connect to FY-41AP

I have tried to download the USB driver in excess of 10 times each time I download it it fails to complete I then complete the installation by going on line to get the driver whereby it shows in the device manager on windows, i follow the instructions implicitly and get to the point where I click on open and connect to the module but it does not connect, I then have to reload the USB driver and finish the installation of this driver by searching on line because it has disappeared from the device manager on windows, some 3.75 hours later I am no further on,

Please advise your thoughts

For the record I am using windows vista on a dell laptop, I am not a computer dummy but I am no wizz kid either, I suspect I am doing something fundamentally wrong but have run out of patience and suspect that this autopilot will fly without a multicopter if it gives me any more hassle your experienced and informed comments will be much appreciated.

Cant find port number?

If you cant find the port number when you open the configuration software or the firmware update tool here are some things you can try.

  1. Have you downloaded and installed the correct USB drivers?
    You can get the drivers from here -

  2. Run the program as administrator
    Right click on the application and run as administrator

  3. Can you see the COM number from you PC when you connect the USB data cable to PC?

  4. What is the COM port number, is it over 10?
    The software only supports a com number to a maximum of 10, so if the number in the device manager is over 10, you will need to change it

Make sure you have connected it correctly

When you are connecting it with the USB data cable, make sure you connect it to the UART1 Port as shown in the image below. Also make sure that the cable is connected the correct way! With the red and black wires corresponding to +/-