Cant change settings on FY-41AP Multirotor

I am trying to setup the 41AP with Multi-Rotor firmware because I purchased the the fixed wing version initially

But I can’t change the Gain by settings- software.
After reconnect I have the old settings inside.

Have test it with different Versions,
Fix-wing an Multi-rotors.
Test it on 3 PC´s , and an other 41AP M works well without errors.

Can´t fly my Quadrocopter because the front motors are to slow .
No adjustment of RPM in Normal Mode. (With Naza there was no Problems )

OSD is ok and I can switch between :
ABC, NAV and RTL (is this the real one for multi-rotor? )

To connect with the settings software I have to push" auto-connect"
Direct connect with the real comport does not work!
After change a value from Gain and push the set Button,
I get a message popup like this : ???0-100???

I only can change Gain settings with the fixed-wing software ,
but have multi rotor firmware inside.
With Copter Settings-software it does not work. Testing with Version 1.1 and 1.2 of Settings-Software.

After firmware flash, I can read the new software Version an there are no problems during flashing.
The mystery is that with both firmware, multi rotor or fixed wing,
I only can change Gain Setting with fixed wing Software.

What is wrong with the Unit ?
Is it only for fixed wings ? Because multi rotor firmware don’t work.

Please tell me what to do to get my copter in the Air.


By the sounds of it you have not loaded the multirotor firmware correctly. I suggest that you download the latest firmware .bin file from here (latest is version 2.3 currently)

Could you please try to load the latest multi-rotor firmware onto your board and try again.

Also make sure you are using the latest version of the copter-settings GUI (currently it should be v1.2)

Last thing which might be silly, but once you have changed the settings, I assume you are pressing the set button, and at the send you click Save all on the GUI?

Another thing to watch out for is if the gimbal neutral values are set to zero, you will not be able to save any values.

Please set the gimbal neutral values to the defaults to 1520. This value represents the PWM signal sent to servos. A PWM pulse of 1520 is the neutral position of most servos.