FTDI to USB Cable...?


I have a HK AIO flight controller. All was going well until the USB connector snapped off the board - I believe this is not uncommon!

So, I am looking for a cable/adapter that will allow me to connect to the FTDI connector instead of USB…

I have searched the Interwebs but can’t find anything that will plug-n-play which is what I really need.

Can anybody point me towards a product that will do what I need please…? I simply don’t have the eyes to make a cable myself with such teeny-tiny connectors!

Thanks in advance.


Something like this should be able to help - FTDI USB Adapter.

It seems that its out of stock for now, but we should receive some more within a few days I beleive.

Thanks for your reply…

That provides the technical solution… but I was hoping to find one that I didn’t have to solder another cable onto to connect to the board…

I’ll order when they come back into stock.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.