Connect to mission planner using Telemetry/OSD Y adapter cable

The Telemetry/OSD Y adapter cable for APM has an FTDI connector with Gnd 5V and Tx, and there are two connectors one with 5 pins which plugs into the telemetry port.
The other connector is a six pin that would theoretically plug into the power source.

I got the Telemetry/OSD Y adapter cable for APM (V2) because my USB on the APM board is goosed.

Do I need to plug in the six pin connector as well as the five pin Telemetry port connector?
I don’t want to wire this up incorrectly.
Help greatly appreciated

The 5 small pin goes in the Telemetry Port. The FTDI goes to an OSD. The larger 5 pin goes to a telemetry radio. Power comes from the telemetry port.

Thanks Clifton. Is there a diagram anywhere for the procedure? Been hunting all morning and all I can find are posts or videos on how to set up the Minim OSD.

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