Which bluetooth to use as telemetry with APM 2.6

Hello everyone this is my first post.
Could someone help me with which bluetooth module and ftdi adapter to use?
Getting a little confused!
Many thanks.

If you are buying a Bluetooth module for your APM that has already been configured you will not need a FTDI board. However you will need to use FTDI to configure your Bluetooth module.

As for suggestion I would suggest you use this Bluetooth module and this FTDI board.

We dont have a specific guide to setting this up for APM, but this bluetooth module guide should help

Great, thank you. Do you know when the FTDI board will be back in stock?
I have entered my email for the notification.

Thanks again.

We should have some more in about 1-2 weeks but you will get an email once it arrives since you signed up to the notification