My radio telemetry is not detecting on MAC

I’m using APM Planner on Mac.The unit has established connection since solid green is glowing but is unable to detect the port on Macbook.I’ve ensured USB port of APM is not connected simultaneously.Do I need to install any extra driver,if yes plz tell how to do it ?


Could you give me some more details on what autopilot you are using? Is it the APM 2.6, or pixhawk etc…?

Also are you using APM planner 2, or APM mission planner?

Lastly with either one of the mission planners, you can find the drivers within the install folder for each of them… It should be a file called FTDI USB.dmg

I’m using APM 2.8
and APM planner 2 on mac
where can I find the install folder?

It will be wherever you installed the mission planner app. The .dmg driver will be included in the main mission planner download file.