FS-IA6B receiver trouble


One of the antennas got ripped off my FS-IA6B receiver. The transmitter no longer connected to the receiver, so I bought these replacement antennas that I was told work with the receiver. I soldered them on, but the transmitter still won’t connect.

Is there something I’m missing? Should I have to re-bind the transmitter? Here are some pictures. The antenna with the black heatshrink on it was one of the old antennas, and the new ones are solderd on.


Here’s another image of the receiver. I think it might be fried.


just swapping a antenna should not require a rebind, in fact the receiver should have still worked (with limited range) , suspect you are correct with your assumption in last photo.


Sounds about right. I wonder how crashing it fried the receiver. Do you happen to know what component that is that’s fried?


Yep its the bit that makes it work.:grin:


if you are gona buy a new one the “c” receiver is a little smaller if your radio supports it.


@cleptilectic I can’t see the marking on it due to the “fizz” around it - but it looks like an inductor - probably part of the power filter circuit. If you’re buying a new one then I’d recommend ether the Flysky X6B, or the Flit10 as they are much smaller and better suited to quads…


It looks like you are in need of a new receiver, the only thing that one would be good for is practicing your desoldering on at least they are quite cheap