FS-IA6B receiver trouble



And thank you @DoomedFPV for the wiring instructions I don’t want to spend extra cash on a new RX right now, but the last question I have is what should I do with the extra white tx wire? Do I just ignore that or where does that go?

ignore it for now… its not needed with your Rx.

Looks like it was used for smart audio on a different Rx

So if I wire it up like you showed and configure it like you said in betaflight, I should be good to go

should be…


Okay thanks for your help I’ll get back to you when I finish…

@DoomedFPV good news it worked! Well I think it connects and everything, buttttt I’m in betaflight and I forget what setting needs to be ticked

next page go to the configuration page and select IBUS

Then test it in the Rx tab to see if it works