FPV Beginner: Inductrix Blade vs Eachine Wizard X220S

So I want to get into FPV and I’ve finally decided that rather than going for a full custom build, I’ll go for something either done or BNF.

Given that this will be first, I’m probably going to crash quite a few more times than I can count, so I thought I’d get the Inductrix Blade … but my gut says I should go for the Eachine, I think I prefer it …

Is it a bad idea to go with my gut, and should go for the logical choice of the Blade, until I get the hang of it?

Hey David,
IF you have already bought a Radio, my advise would be to get yourself a simulator…
For Money:

I would say that the Wizard is a good choice BUT:
Check out many reviews because i have heard that the arms brake pretty fast…
(Im not exactly sure… Think its not carbon)

To get back to your Question:
I would buy the Inductrix because Winter is coming and you dont wanna fly at some days and notice that your Hands are Frozen to your Radio :slight_smile: .
But if you want the “Real” feeling than take the Wizard or another BNF Drone…
Check out UAV Futures Channel for some great reviews of other BNF Drones…
(Why not building your own drone?)

Hope i was able to help you a little bit…


I’m getting the radio first yes, so I can get on the simulator ASAP.

As for the drone, I do live in Malta, so in winter, the worst temperate goes down to maybe 5C, and that’s only maybe a few days in the year, at night, so it’s hardly likely that my hands will be frozen :slight_smile:



Just make us all feel bad that we are freezing and can’t fly outside… although I can’t complain too much as the UK doesn’t get all that cold compared to other parts of the world… last winter it didn’t even snow.

But yeah a brushed quad is a good place to start as they are much cheaper amd easier to fix and still fly well enough to get a feel for fpv. :+1:. And then when it’s too dark/raining you can get onto the simulator… or use it to try new tricks :joystick:.

Hey @unmannedtech - come on over here and spend a winter here, you’ll get plenty of flying time :slight_smile:

I didn’t get the part about the brushed quad, so you’re recommending the Blade or another ? I understand both are brushless, though I might be wrong…

Hey David,
I think he meant that all in all a brushed quad is a good solution…
I personally would stick to the qx90 but every Whoop is a great choice :slight_smile:


So you’d prefer the QX90 or Whoop, rather than the X220S?

I like both but i would prefer a brushed micro…
It doesnt matter what i would buy… You need to make your own decision :smiley:


Fair enough - I did quite a lot of research to get to the choice between the two here, so out of those two, do you have an opinion? :smiley:

If you dont have a Quad yet i would stick to the 220 because its the “Real Thing”.
But if you already have a Quad then i would take the Blade…

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Sweet - that’s what I wanted to hear :smile:

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