Wizard X220 - An RTF Freestyle Quad

When you first see a Wizard X220 quad, you might mistake it for a QAV-R frame as its design is undoubtedly "inspired" by the QAV-R racing frame. However one thing this has over that frame is this one uses purple, and lots of it with painted carbon fiber sides, purple

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The overlook is not very good. Seems not using very good components. The only advantage for this drone is just the price, nothing else.

Better spending more and buy.Selpro Swift 2 RTF FPV
This thing is so well tune RTF straight out of the box.
I am intermediate flyer and I have crash this thing about 20 time.all I have to replace is props (DALPOS)
Have look on YouTube for yourself

It think the wizard is currently the best budget rtf as it uses a decent f3 flight controller, the ESC run blheli-s and the motor/ problem combo are powerful. Sure this will not beat something like a crusader gt2, or vortex 250 pro etc… but the wizard is like half the price, and for the same money it’s hard to beat, even if you build your own. :money_with_wings:

But because it’s a budget drone it’s not without problems as quality is not the best, like the bearings in the motors, but can’t complain for the price :slight_smile:

It is nothing but problem.just a money making machine