Eachine Wizard upgrade

I’ve had the eachine wizard x220 for a few months now and am considering upgrading the flight controller from a sp racing f3 v1 to something much better, but what? The more capability the better. Any recommendations?

Why, the F.C. on the quad is pretty solid, just lacking UARTs.

Wouldn’t mind installing gps on it and improving the video quality for fpv

The video quality is nothing to do with the F.C. I changed the camera on the Wizard pretty early on and destroyed several VTX’s trying to do power loops and ripping off the Antenna and usually the solder pads holding it on. I really like the Foxeer Predator mini with the TBS unify pro, not the cheapest but the video quality is fantastic.

Link to some raw DVR I took, might be the Matek VTX, but they are really good too and cheaper, would put money here first.

GPS on this sort of quad is only really any good for getting it to come back if you have lost control, what is your thinking on GPS?

Yeah I agree GPS on betaflight is only helpful for recovery. But you could also try iNav software, but not sure how well it works on quads as most people use it for fixed wing.

But I think the x220 uses an sp f3 as default, so I’d you wanted more uarts I would recommend the omnibus fireworks as it’s got an f4 and lots of uarts.

But the spf3 is still just about good enough if you don’t need extra ports.

I like Bardwell F4 and the CL Racing F4. Very nicely laid out and simple for the new Quad flyer. As someone new in the sport, like me, you probably won’t notice the faster cycle times but the ability to have OSD and smart audio is an awesome improvement over the original SP Racing F3. Plus you can get rid of the bottom PDB board because these new F4 FC are usually all in one. Bardwell FC has excellent documentation that is great for a noob. He even goes into what to put in BF.