Eachine Wizard X220S - King of the Budget RTF Freestyle Quads?

The Wizard X220 from Eachine currently holds the title of the best budget drone of the year. Eachine have now released the new Wizard X220S but can the improvements made on this quad dismantle the X220 from its podium? Let's investigate and find out...

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Thank you Alex for this excellent review !
As expected I had a lot of fun with mine until my first tree encounter and as expected the top plate literally exploded…
Any suggestion of “harder” plate I could you to repaire my frame ?

Thanks for your kind words :-).

Yeah the main issue with this kit is the frame is abit weak, but my suggestion is to buy a x220 replacement frame as the one we sell is 100% carbon fibre and you can add swap.the parts over to your x220s as things break.


But otherwise we do sell the top plate on its own and it is carbon fiber, not fibreglass like on the first batch of x220s kits.

Thank you Alex!!I already bought two top plates on your site , but I think you are right the best je probably To replace the full frame !!Thanks for your advices !!