Flight controller wont connect to betaflight and not recognised by my pc

1st of all I’m a beginner to FPV.
I have racestar f4s and when it’s plugged via usb it’s not recognized by my laptop and the FC gets hot ,and all leds are Off, and my usb cable works fine , everything was working yesterday .

guys I had same issue , what I did I did the active booth loader and I reprogramed everything from firmware flash … you need to download the LOAD Firmware online , then select flash firmware … it will ask you if you want to change everything to the factory say yes, then it should work with your controller, if it doesn’t I would do a restore then I would do these and it should work , it took me a month to figure this , and it was not on any place …


I was having a similar problem. Whenever I plug in my flight controller (Mamba f722s) I get a message from windows that it wasn’t recognized. I have done what the video said but when I plugged in my flight controller, it wouldn’t show up in the com ports and only "unrecognised USB device appeared under universal serial bus controllers.

I would appreciate any type of help, I have been dealing with this issues for a while now.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Go onto GitHub and get the drivers you need , it appears that your computer has missing drivers needed windows ten update did not have them for some reason