Racestar f4s FC won't connect to my pc

I have racestar f4s and when it’s plugged via USB to my laptop nothing happens, like if it’s not plugged, and an IC (see on the pic) on the FC becomes so hot (I can’t keep my finger on it ), and the red led is slightly On , and the same happens when I plug the battery just the red led becomes brighter and the buzzer makes 3 beeps .
my USB cable is data cable and works fine, just yesterday everything was good, I was testing my motors from betaflight and also my receiver till this morning I want to plug it to complete the configuration and I found what I found -_- .

if the chip is getting hot…

you have a short on the FC or a damaged FC.

I did check the voltage between gnd and 5v and There’s 5v and also I checked the continuity and it’s fine .and 1 and only integrated circuit which is geting hot is IL312 .