Feilun fx 250 fpv chaser

I recently received this racer, a touch of water one of the boards and smoked the distribution board and a esc can’t find parts for it, it’s a clone of the kylin 250 any help on what parts I can use to fix? my drone would be great. I’m a newbie so take it easy on me

You can get a distribution board from amazon or ebay and escs are cheap enough to get four for 20 or less just make sure the amps are comparable or above what you had and you can find that info online and find max amp and round up you can do it and you will learn more this way, the effort to gain the knowledge helps you retain it and i started just a few days ago but have read on it for 30 hours not joking seem to have a firm understanding… it will work

Also you can see online about how to solder it up and 4 new esc’s will work as mentioned so you wont have to worry there also not sure you mentioned how water got involved but you can use electrical tape to help protect against moisture and hot glue

Thanks alot I have been doing alot of reading I’m good at the soldering
it’s the flashing and programming that makes me iffy but I’m bout to dive
in, cause the company I got it from are a##’$ CIS associates it’s not 19
days old monitor showed up scratched up bad and had a burnt smell, wouldn’t
offer me no help hardly except for prices of parts that you can’t even get
yet. Stay away from them they won’t back their merchandise. Thanks again

Oh thats easy theres free software depending on flight controller to fix that and make it really simple libre is one of the easiest ive seen

If its a clone of the Kylin 250, then the PDB is integrated with the rest of the electronics.

Check this one from the KDS shop HugeDomains.com at $59

They also have the ESCs there too HugeDomains.com at $17.59 each but as Rcain83 says, you’ll probably need to get 4 so they match.


I found that drone and yes looks exactly like what mine does was tryn to find some info on compatibility. I think the same people make both