Failed to open serial port

Hi all

Can anyone please help out, I’m trying to configure SP Racing F3 FC using Clean Flight configurator but it (have tried 2 different ones) just says (top left) failed to open serial port.

Many thanks in advance for any help


Try a different USB cable… Some only do power

Also on the front page in the bottom left corner there are some links to drivers

You may also want to read this guide

Thanks for this Alex, I’ll give it a try shortly and let you know how I get on. Have spent the last 2 Saturday afternoons and more reading tutorials and trying to get the configurator to work. I’m using a USB cable I managed to find that was successful in upgrading firmware for TS 100 soldering iron.

Kind regards


Hi Alex

Sorry but the link you sent me failed to find 2 x flight controllers I hooked up to my laptop via USB cable. I cannot do it manually via the description you sent me also as I’m not that computer savvy.

I would be grateful for any further assistance.

Kind regards


At eyou running on windows? As you did try the impulse RC driver fixer as administrator? I would also suggest trying a few different usb cables and ports on your computer is if both FC are not detected would make me think it’s a driver issue rather than a fault with both FC.