F3 bootloader stuck

My f3 will not come out of bootloader mode after flashing any ideas? thx in adv.

does it stay in DFU after you reset the power?

yes blue light only and never blinks

you may have corrupted firmware.

Reflash with a full chip erase

no luck was working fine i thought i would put latest firmware on did tried going back flashing with old fw but no luck

I would also double check you are flashing the correct target… but the last resort would be to try the dfuse software to flash the .hex file directly to your FC.

Below is a video I found, but there may be other better ones out there.

Thank you !! I’m about to attempt to fix it again…

Good luck…

Take your time and double check everything.

Thank you guys It was my fault I flashed wrong firmware on its fixed and fine thank you for your time…

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Thanks for letting us know what the fault is, I have marked the solution so if anyone else has a similar issue this thread will hopefully help :slight_smile: