Realacc F3 V1.0 Betaflight Brushed Flight Controller with Integrated OSD

so decided to make a brushed mini with above FC.
arrived plugged in all seems to work (only checked setup and config tabs)
Soldered up all fine, changed to sbus went to receiver tab no coloured lines on chennels.
tried a few more things nothing then FC failed to boot.
OK no problems maybe i did something wrong, new one ordered.
Second one arrives plug in BF and no coloured lines on channels in receiver tab, no problems just flash firmware
No info on internet at on this FC.
All you need to do if receiver tab blank is connect to BF, go to CLI type dfu hit enter and board will boot in dfu mode allowing you to flash firmware, and hay presto receiver tab working.
Dont forget to go into ports tab and check 1st line in UART 2 to make OSD work.
Hope this helps somebody, if i did this on first one wouldnt have cost 29 pound foe a 14 pound FC.

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Thanks, I do agree the DFU command in betaflight CLI is extremely useful when trying to reflash firmware so am sure this will definitely help some people :slight_smile: