ESC signal pad fell off, how to repair

I accidentally lifted the signal pad of the LITTLEBEE BLHeli-s Spring.
I scratched around the pad looking for the trace, on top is the ground copper plate and to the left the goes to the capacitor , does somebody know where the trace goes to the signal pad?

if you have another esc your could try and follow the trace with a multi-meter

Yeah that would be best, it’s kind of hard to know for sure without knowing the actual board design. But my guess would be the top copper… but best to check with a multimeter as maybe that exposed copper is not the right one depending how many layers the board has, as in your photo ilthe signal pad may have a via on it.

I desoldered one of the other esc’s. There is continuity between the resistor “red circle” and the signal pad.The trace continuous from the left leg to the via below into one of the layers.
I will solder a wire directly on the left leg of the resistor or on top of the via.

soldering went well the signal wire sticks to the resistor. :slightly_smiling_face:

Voor extra strength I added some hot glue to resist the vibration from the FC.

First I checked in the BLHeli configurator if the esc get recognized and everything was perfect. So I switched to Betaflight and the motors are spinning smoothly.
I hope it will last for many many flight hours. :small_airplane:

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well done and good work

Thanks :+1:
At first I was very pissed off, but actually it was quite fun to do and my solder skills improved enormously.

Yeah nice fix and thanks for updating us on the progress :slight_smile: Better than having to buy a new one!

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