EMAX MT2213 935KV - what is included?

Can start off with saying that I’ve tried to register with two email addresses and none of them got any email, register function or email server broken? Ended up with a facebook reg.

Anyway, currently looking at the EMAX MT2213 935KV for my first quadcopter build. But the ESC I’ve bought didn’t have any female bullet connectors. So I’m wondering if I get female connectors with the motor and if I get screws?

The “PRODUCT CONTENTS” just says “1x 935Kv Brushless motor with male bullet connectors pre soldered” but a lot of picture on google show that it comes with both female connectors and screws. Anyone who have bought these motors and can confirm what is in the package?

Unmanned tech shop’s support just answered and said that they do come with female bullet connectors

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