Emax MT2213/MT2216

Dear Unmannedtech, When will you be able to restock these motors? They ran out, I need MT2213 please. Need a little cheap motors so I like MT2213 Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@UnmannedTech any information guys?

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We have some more on the way already (have had some for a good 3 weeks) so I expect we will have them fairly soon. @blackhole have you added your email on the product page so we can send you an notification as soon as we have them back in stock?

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I think there are couple of MT2213 left so I cant add the notification until they run out. I need 7 motors :slight_smile: I bought Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESCs 25A from you guys and I was hoping those escs are good to use with MT2213? I checked the description of product, motor and esc compatible with 4s lipo. Is the MT2213 Motor ok to use with that 25A esc?

Thanks always for help