DYS Race Motors

Anyone know whether UnmannedTech will be stocking the new DYS SE2205 2300KV motors? They look awesome on bench tests.

Also, the MR2205 2300KV version seem to only have 2 in stock, any idea when more will be in stock?



We do have some of the SE2205 motors on the way, along with more stock of our current MR series motors. So if you want to backorder them I can make sure you are the first to get them and I will also see if I can offer free next day shipping/discount for you.

That would be awesome! How much are you selling them for, and any idea when they’ll be in?

We have them on order with DYS so should get them next week. Pricing for the SE2205 motors will be about £12.5ea but we will finalise price once they have arrived so we know true landed cost… Also they will be sold in pairs of 2 motors one CW and one CCW. If you are keen to backorder just send us an email and mention this post and myself (Alex) or @Sam will create the order with free next day shipping for you.

I’m not a fan of the CW versions though, will you only be selling them in pairs?

I have just checked the actual order and we might actually sell them on thier own or, but we are only getting CW thread versions like with all our other MR motors. We will also be getting loads of spare nuts :chestnut: too :blush:.

Got paid today, I’d like to order a set of 4 of these motors if the offer still stands.

I replied to your email so will send you the details on how to order there :-). Hope you have a great Easter weekend!