Emax TS2306 2300Kv Race Motors

We all know that the Emax RS2205 red bottom motors are incredible, blending performance, reliability at a very competitive price point. But the new TS2306 motors due to be released in a few months will take it to the next level.

The secret of the new TS series of motors is that they now use arced magnets, rather than the rectangular ones which mean the air gap between the rotor and stator is much smaller. This results in a motor that is much more efficient since the gap between the coils and the magnets are so small. Initial tests have shown that these motors produce impressive thrust at around 1.5Kg using a 6 inch prop and a 4S lipo. In addition to this the stronger magents and smaller airgap mean that these motors have faster thrust ramps so you will have a quadcopter that is more responsive than ever.

There is still no official dates of the release and pricing of these motors but I imagine they will be similar price to the RS2205 motors. To view all of the thrust data tests check out the goolge sheet

Also a special thanks to @QuadMcFly for providing the test results, check out his site for loads more info on everything related to miniquad motors and esc - http://www.miniquadtestbench.com

Guess I’ll be ordering them when there in as the rs2205 2300kv motors are amazing even without oneshot :joy:

Thanks perry

I don’t mind if you use my data, but a link back to the original article and a credit for the source of the data and the photo would be nice! :smile:

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Hey, sorry about that, I know how much effort goes into testing the motors and esc so keep up the great work. If you ever need any help just let me know.