New Emax Lite Spec LS2206/LS2207 Brushless Motor

We now have stock of these great motors! Check them out on the links below.

So Emax are just about to release this new motor range and we thought we’d tell you what we know…We have a page listing for the Emax Lite Spec LS2206 Brushless Motor and a listing for the Emax Lite Spec LS2207 Brushless Motor so you can check them out in more detail there.

Emax set out to create a FPV racing motor that was versatile for all pilots but that kept the durability and power we are used to in their previous motor series. They believe they have done this with the Lite Spec range (we haven’t yet received samples of these motors to see for ourselves but they are on the horizon).

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes in a range of different KV ratings for both LS2206 and LS2207
  • Improved design in bell structure to reduce damage in case of impact
  • Reduced base size to lower weight and reduce risk of shorting the wires with long screws
  • Built using high-quality NSK high-efficiency bearings
  • The LS2207 1900Kv motor can produce over 1.65kg of thrust on a 6S battery!

Where to Buy


Comparison with previous series (RS2205-S RaceSpec Series)

The RS2205-S RaceSpec is perhaps one of the most popular Emax brushless motor series that we have seen so let’s have a look at how the Lite Spec series compares.

  • The Lite Spec series has bigger motors
    You can choose between the 2206 or the 2207 size motors. This makes the Lite Spec series more versatile in that you can choose which size best suits your needs. Also, there are three KV rating options for each motor size to choose from.

  • The Lite Spec can take higher voltages
    All the LS motors are compatible with 3-5S batteries and the LS2207 1900Kv motor is compatible with 3-6S. This is an improvement upon the RS2205-S where you can only use a 3-4S battery.

  • The Lite Spec series can produce more thrust
    The max thrust produced by the RS2205-S is 1281g for 2300kv and 1021g for the 2600kv. The LS2206 can produce 1426g with the 2700Kv rating and the LS2207 can produce 1658g with the 1900Kv motor and on a 6S battery. Pretty impressive for a motors that costs under £20.

So that’s about the gist of it. Looking forward to getting our hands on some…We expect to stock them within the next few weeks (towards the end of October 2017).