Dissasembley of the MT2216 Motor

I recently purcased some MT2216 motors to build up my first quad. It was going great untill I let my brother have a go. He managed to crash it upside down onto the tarmac path around the field. Bummer.
At first it seemed like there was minimal damage but I have noticed that one of the motors has become noisy and has a few mm play along the direction of the axel.
I decided to take it apart. After some research I found similar motors just require you to remove the e-clip and washer form the bottom and then the two halves pull apart. When I try this it only moves about 5mm and then seems to bottom out on something. Is there a step that I am missing? or do I just need to pull harder to overcome the magnatic resistance?

Motor in question: http://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/mt-2216-810kv-muticopter-motor/

Thanks in advance.

Hi, and sorry to hear about your quadcopter crash :boom: rather unlucky that it had to land on the one hard surface around :stuck_out_tongue:

As for taking the motors apart sometimes it can be quite stiff due to the strong magnets so you just need to use abit more force to get it to come undone. But as long as you have removed the clip it should come other. The other possibility is that the shaft could of bent during the crash so that could also make it abit harder to get the motor bell (rotor) off.

Also when it comes to putting it back together as I have caught my fingers many times when the magnets snap together!

Sods law. Maintanance is all part of the fun :smile:

Thankyou for the info and the warning!

I managed to get them apart. I also removed the shaft and it looks okay. The slack has gone after reassembly, so I think the shafts grub screw was loose.

Alas the motor is still running rough, so the bearings must have gone.

Are you able to get replacement bearings?
Possibly shafts as well, just to be on the safe side.


We normally dont keep spares for smaller motors as sometimes the cost of shipping the spares is as much as a new motor, but I will be happy to offer you a replacement motor at a discount. Just send send me an email mentioning this discussion and myself or Sam will send you a coupon code for the discount.