Having Trouble With Spare Parts!

Hi all. I am having some trouble with finding the correct screws to fit my motors to the arms. FYI, I bought this drone DIY kit. After a couple of crashes, I ended up losing the screws that came with the motors in the kit.

I am having trouble finding the correct screws. What I ordered so far are these screws but they are way too thick to even fit into the holes on the motor. I don’t know what are those screws called. Can anyone help me?

The motors are 1804 2400Kv motors.

M3 hex head bolt kit from Amazon or eBay is a good shout bud … Get them for various lengths (4mm - 10mm long) and you should have a good selection to pick from :+1:

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And by too thick do you mean too long ? All (99%) of mini quad motors have m3 thread so those bolts should screw in but they might be too long?

Let me know before ordering.

Actually they are not too long, the length is fine - but the thickness (the diameter) of the screw bit (not the head) is too thick - it does not fit into the motor’s screw hole. I’ve compared what screws I have left from the small screws that came with the kit, and the ones I bought, and there is a big difference. I can post pictures tonight when I get back to home from work…

Strange most drone motors use m3 threads so would assume that is the size you need but the ones you already ordered are m3 so should fit. Can you take out the bolts on another one of the motors to compare sizes ?

If you have the 1806 2400kv motors

you need M2 screws