Eachine Wizzard x220s hookup with Spektrum SPM4649T

Hi, just got the x220s and Spektrum rx mentioned in the subject line. The plugs that came with the rx will not plug into any of the sockets on the fc board. The fc board that came on the x220s is specified on the BG website to be an Omnibus F4 V3, but looking at the label on the big chip, I suspect that it is a V5.

Anyways, to connect the rx can I just splice the wires comming from J7 with the corresponding +/-/signal wires from the SPM4649T receiver?


Thats not a V5… but I also know Eachine dont use genuine Airbot omnibus boards to who knows what versioning they use…

But yes, that solder jumper allows you to select between SBUS and PPM. To use SBUS you need to make sure the middle and SBUS pads are connected, and for PPM only the middle and PPM pad needs to be connected.

However for spektrum RX you need to connect that to the spekturm connector between the boot button and USB. And yes, you can just desolder/cut the existing wires on J7.

I cant recall off hand which UART the spektrum connector uses when setting it up in betaflight on the V3 anymore but you should be abit to find it somewhere as I think yours is likely a V3.

Thanks Alex, I am a noob but I think I understand, connect to the connector labeled J8 in the schematic. But this is a 5V receiver and the schematic shows that as 3.3 volt power. How can I get the 5 volts to the rx?

Also, you are saying the J7 connection just doesn’t get used, right?


Are you sure you are using a spektrum reciever as they all run on 3.3V, just to be awkward.

But I know some spektrum compatible Rx may run ofn5v, but then you need to check what protocol they output. If they output DSM/dsmX then just hook it up any of the spare UART ports and power it via a 5v

spectrum your problemly need 3.3v
On your boad its a small pad it will be labelled at 3v
Time to test your soldering skills.

Thanks guys but it is a Spektrum SPM4649T and 5V input is specified on the package and in the instructions. It must be a pretty new version. Modulation is DSMX and DSM2, My transmitter is a Spektrum DX8 gen 2 with DSMX. (Says not for use in EU on the TX)

well look at that… it will take a 5v input voltage.

Your out in the US so thats fine.

Yes, I am. so I should be able to hook it up to J7?

Sorry if I sound over cautious but it’s my first try at setting up an fpv quad and I’d rather not see any smoke. :slight_smile:

manual says


You can normally only smoke something if you get the power wrong.

Must be EU manual. Are you in England? Can you see may attached photos?

I think I get it now, what you are saying is I can connect like the attached pic . . .

yeah that looks good to me…

Do you have the cable for that port? or are you going to try and solder to that small pad/pid.
Theres normally a pin there too.

I will have to remove the socket for that signal pin and solder the signal wire there. And solder the +/- wires as shown in the picture. Thanks very much for your guidance! I will reply again after I do the deed, whether it works or not.

Good luck…

Take your time and try not to use too much heat

One more question . . . my Tx is DSMX, my Rx is DSM2/DSMX and the FC signal pin is labeled DSM2 will this combination work?

I’m not a spectrum user… but I think so.

You wont hurt anything trying

Not too many spektrum pilots on the forum… but as @DoomedFPV said, as long as the power is hooked up correctly you can’t really break anything permanently… just a matter of trying a bunch of settings.

Thank you sirs. I stopped by the LHS and talked with their resident mini quad guy and was advised to connect the signal wire to SDA/RX3, so i did that and I was able to bind. I will try to set everything up in Betaflight tonight. I did connect it to with Betaflight and the 3d model did mimic the movement of the physical quad.

Nice, hopefully you will be able to get into the air now :+1: Let us know if you have any other questions or just want to chat FPV :smiley: