Connecting an Orange RX615x to omnibus f4 v5

Hi, can anyone help please.
I am trying to connect the R615 rx to the fc but not having any luck.
I have tried the DSM2 port with serial mode set to Speksat and provider to spektrum 1024 and 2048.
I have set port to uart 1.
I have also tried loads of other settings but nothing seems to work.
The rx is bound and communicates with servos if plugged in.

I had a quick look at the specs and it seems that reciever outputs ppm? But not clear which pin it outputs it on… but worth trying to change the reciever type in betaflight to ppm, and removing serial_rx from the ports tab?

Thanks, have tried that but still no joy.
The output from the rx is on the Batt/bind connection
How does board no where to find the rx?

What rx will work with omnibus and my 9xr with Orange tx module?

I suggest you ask the shop you purchased your Rx from to check if it outputs ppm, and which pin then i can help further… but otherwise you can use a spectrum satellite reciever with the omnibus

The RX615 does indeed output CPPM to the Bat/Bind pins.
I don’t have a V5 Omnibus (I use a F4 V3) and on my board you have to select PPM input - and in the Configuration settings elect PPM (not Spektrum satellite info).

I suspect you’ve not done those…

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Thank you for the advice, I will have another go.