OMNIBUS F4 V5 + Spektrum AR610

Guys, I am stumped here. I’m trying to get my OMNIBUS F4 V5 running Betaflight OMNIBUS4SD 4.1.6 connected to my Spektrum AR610 receiver. The receiver is paired to the transmitter, I know because the orange light on the receiver comes on when I power on the transmitter. I’ve tried connecting the data pin of the receiver to both RX1 (J2) and RX6 (J6) on the controller and flipping Serial RX on for UART 1 and UART 6 under ports in the Betaflight configuration software. Under configuration I have Receiver Mode set to Serial-based receiver and Receiver Provider set to SPECKTRUM2045. No matter what, the bars on the Receiver page will not move when I move the sticks on my controller.

I’ve also tried hooking the PWM outputs of the receiver up to the RX1-4 pins of J12-14 and setting Receiver Mode to PWM under the config tab, but still the bars on the Receiver page will not move.

The Betaflight page for this controller says " On OMNIBUS F4 V3 and later, serial RX is UART6 , not UART1." That is why I was trying to use RX 6.
check this out there seams to be a dedicated plug for spektrum recivers. (although it says its uart 1)
r u sure you have set the correct uart in ports to sbus or whatever