Drone Weekly #5

EU looks to create drone regulations that allow for growth

If you are worried about the growing restrictiveness of regulations in the EU, then there appears to be some hope yet. European regulators are pushing for regulations that are far more permissive than first imagined and allow for innovative advancements in the field. These European regulators want some sensible restrictions on drone use in Europe, but ones that also do not choke this budding industry; they want to see small and medium businesses thrive. This is almost in direct opposition to what America regulators are trying to do in the United States who look to oppose the growth of hobby drone technology.

The Seven Kingdoms is a no-fly zone

Like the ‘Game of Thrones’ the TV series? Well you can’t fly your drone over the film set as the Seven Kingdoms is officially a no-fly zone. The production company behind the series have strictly forbidden any hobby drones to fly over the principal set in Northern Ireland, fearing that confidential shots may be leaked.

Drone Used to Smuggle Package into Bedford Prison

Albatross - A professional grade uav for hobby prices

Applied Aeronautics have recently started a kickstarter campaign for a professional grade 2m wingspan UAV that can fly for over 2 hours. Several versions are available ranging from $650 all the way to $3250 for a ready to fly carbon fiber composite version,

Drones in Farming

Kansas State University leads an international, multimillion-dollar project that will research drones as a quick and efficient method to detect pest insects and diseases in food crops before outbreaks happen