Do new Esc's now ship without a signal capacitor? An general help on FC version

Hi all,

I’m new to multi rotors, for the past few weeks i have been studying via Youtube, books and on here on how to build a quad from scratch. I got some help of you guys in regards to what FC to go for and to run on stock PIDs which im happy about. I ve decided to go with the Omnibus F4 but i’m not sure which would be the best version to go with V5 or V6, and would your online guide still stand for a V6?

My question about the ESC’S, i have read and seen videos on youtube explaining that DSHOT protocol is the way forward. However to use this protocol you have to remove the signal capacity off the board which i will be slightly nervous about doing. Do most new ESC’s that support this protocol have the signal capacity removed when they are made or will i have to remove this capacity? An what ESC’s would you recommended?

Once again thanks for taking the time to read this and all your help is greatly appreciated.

I would go with the V6 and take advantages of the upgrades

For the ESCs give theses ago.
They work well, cheap and you dont have to mod them for DShot600 to work.

Nice one, I will have a look at them.

What are the upgrades on the v6 and would the V5 guide still be helpful.

Omnibus Versions

The V6 omnibus has quite a few changes:
    New firmware target (OMNIBUSF4FW)
    5x UART Ports
    5V 1A and 8V BEC for FPV camera
    Current source jumper selecter (see manual for more information)

V5 is still a good board and more than usable