DJI F550 build (no gps)

My first time building a drone, flying, trying fpv :smile:

Product List -
DJI F550 frame - UnmannedTech
Matek F722 Flight Controller - UnmannedTech
Matek PDB - UnmannedTech
Chaos BLHeli_S Dshot ESC - UnmannedTech
Brushless Emax MT2213 935Kv - UnmannedTech
Mini 1000TVL CCD FPV Camera - UnmannedTech
Flysky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver - UnmannedTech
Eachine VR-006 Mini FPV Goggles - UnmannedTech
4s 6200mah LiPo Battery - Hobbyking
Universal High landing skid gear - Banggood
Custom phone holder for photography - DIY
FPV camera pan tilt frame - ebay
No gps yet

Build -

Added Pins to the Flight Controller so can change anytime.

Accidentally sparked the 4s lipo melted one of the banana plug a little.

DIY - I modified my phone box to take photographs and video, and added a little protection to the phone. Used hook and loop tapes to hold the box. I couldn’t use Bluetooth headset to trigger camera so I atttached a servo inside the box to trigger the camera. All works well for now.

The fpv camera looks really good with low light so I’m really impressed. Pan tilt frame works really good.

Battery/time is yet to test so I’ll update when I do it just in case anyone interested :slight_smile:

Had to cut the frame a tiny bit to get the wire out. Bad planning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Looking forward for any improvements anyone suggest.

Thats the bad planning…
Thats an engineering solution.

Good work on the build.
Looking forward to the flight footage

Very cool, and appreciate that you decided to buy most of the gear from us, so thanks :slight_smile: looks like you learned the hard way why banana plugs are the worst! :boom: It also looks like you replaced with an xt60, if so that was a smart move.

Keep us updated with your progress!

Yep :slight_smile:
This is actually for the charger. Charger use a banana plug so I had to make some conversation cables. I left the banana cable pluged in to the battery after charging. Good thing nothing happened to battery :relieved:

A Quick drone fly video for the first time… I’ll update with a fpv record/HD video