Diatone gt2 200 won't fly

Morning. Having problems with my new gt2 200. The 5000mah battery works fine. Any ideas?

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I think it might be because your COG is not quite right, :wink: maybe your gopro session is too far forward, as I had a similar issue with my quad as it had abit too much weight out front, so I had to counter balance it with a battery

Thanks very much. Didn’t consider cog! Is that a red 6k £30000 camera? You got too much money!
Thanks Alex.
Very witty!

That 5000mah is WAY to big :joy: Maybe try 1300 to 1800mah

its not my camera! I wish it was! Sometimes we get to play with very expensive gear for custom builds. Just imagine how stressed the cameraman is when flying that camera over water!

Think I’ve sorted out the cog but charging taking forever!

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I wanted to reply with the word “Lmao” but apparently u need a minimum of 20 characters to post, so I’ve had to write this

Hahaha! Awesome Reply.

Thanks for sharing the solution, happy to see you got it all working, just marked it as the solution :slight_smile:

BTW what sort of flight times are you getting with that? A good 24h of flight time :clock10: ?

Massive flight times but googles go flat way before that minor battery upgrade.

I’ve decided to update my fpv googles. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Again i simply wanna write LMAO but can’t

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