Damped light active breaking blheli

I am using one ESC different from the rest they all have oneshot 125 and it flys fine until the throttle value drops to zero at which point 3 motors stop spinning instantly due to damped light or active breaking but the other one carries on spinning surely all oneshot 125 esc’s are capable of active breaking? I don’t have a Windows based operating system so can’t use blheli suite but can use chrome blheli config but can’t see any option for damped light. Any ideas anyone?

I can’t recall off hand, but I think it’s called brake on stop now in blheli configurator?

Thanks Alex but I couldn’t see that option; once I read the setup it just shows the common parameters and individual software and individual flashing ability no reference to braking of any kind. I have just borrowed my brothers laptop running windoes and will now have a look in blheli suite hopefully. I also just received my radiance dshot600 FC from you guys it didn’t have a clear mounting direction and turned out I installed it backwards; it flys fine backward but when I change board orientation on betaflight yaw 180° it flips out and goes crazy so am going to flip the board round and re solder esc’s unless you have any other suggestions. This was all down to a bearing going on a motor causing an en ESC to blow which then blew my FC I just want to get flying again and couldn’t find the original dys xms30a. Am now awaiting some from China up to 3 weeks delivery time :frowning:

Thanks again

I should have just ordered the correct replacement in the first place and waited. But I am inpatient and this is what happens.

Managed to connect to blheli suite the setting for pwm frequency/damped was set to high instead of damped on the new esc sorted! Thanks