D.I.Y Box Camera

So what do you do when…

  • GoPro’s are too much for your pocket…
  • RunCam 3 has disappeared.
  • And you still want a camera you can move from frame to frame.

Go get a Caddx Turtles
And print your own… still very much a working progress…

  • TPU case that screws onto the camera.
  • Board is mounted in the case.
  • Push button switch still works
  • SD Card slot.
  • Balance plug for Power (to be moved between builds)


For now :wink:

But nice idea I like it. Also has the advantage of being TPU and can bounce around if you crash (and hopefully protect the turtle :turtle:) , are you going to share the files on thingiverse?

Also a minor issue that i am not sure if you can get around it, but does the lens stick out the front at all?

The lens sticks out about a 1mm.
Your wondering if the box edges will be in shot of the camera?

I will upload the files when I’m happy

Didnt actually thinking about that, but thats a good point as probably if it didn’t stick out will probably be in view…But 1mm is hardly an issue. :+1:

Brilliant idea. Did you think to make one piece angle tpu case with zip tie mount too drone ? Something like session mount ?

I did.

But I wanted something that could be easily moved from frame to frame.
Without having to unscrew any screws from the mount or cut zip ties.
Using normal fitted GoPro mounts just makes it that little bit easier.

That way everyone can use there favorite mounts and mount them how they like and just slot in the camera.

Version 1 on the box mount did work… But I was a little worried about heat.
So as a “Engineering Solution” I drilled holes into the box to let air in…

Then started work on v2 of the Box…

Lots more air flow

You can insert and remove the SD card and access the push button on the side still.

Nice, just gotta think of a cool name for it… :stuck_out_tongue: GoTurtle Session

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Still making adjustments but I think I’m getting close to a finished designed…

Name : Turtle Qube


I am following your project, looks super promising. do you have a final desing?

I do :slight_smile:

I’ve sent the first copy to @unmannedtech so he can have a look.

It will be out soon :slight_smile:

Have you thought of giving the design some GoPro style mounting features? It could give some flexible mounting locations if the normal mounting space for an fpv cam is taken

I use a GoPro, and designed this mount for it

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I guess thats the entire reason why @DoomedFPV designed it as a gopro session form factor :+1: , but yeah received it in the post yesterday but didnt get a chance to properly look at it yet so thats on my list today :slight_smile:

Just need a space for a small lipo too then will be a modular gopro session replacement! But otherwise can just use teh balance plug to attach an external battery.

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for me with the balance plug for power it´s enough modular. Please keep us inform! thanks

any progress? date? my quads are waiting :slight_smile:

@DoomedFPV finished the design and the prints are done so should be added to our store next week :slight_smile:

I will update this post with a link :slight_smile:

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Say hello to my little friend…
Its out… Its out and in the store :slight_smile:

  • The case has a button on the side so that the turtle button can be used.
  • LED through holes to see the record light on the turtle.
  • A flap over the SD card slot to help protect against SD card ejections.
  • A slot for a 5 Pin JST connector to make swapping the case between build easier.

The camera screws in from each side of the case holding it closed and the HD board just slots in
the gap. Its a snug fit and keeps any movement down to a minimum.


Ordered mine! I will post a review with the performance and results! thanks for development this kind of products

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Thanks for buying one.

Let us know how you get on an if you have any suggestions.
Feel free to write you finding here so everyone can read them.

Now I don’t normally link my YouTube videos here… but seen as this one is flight footage from the Caddx turtle mounted in the DIY Box in a GoPro mount.
I’ll link it.

No post processing done on the footage or color correction.

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