Small action cam thats not a GoPro?


Ive been looking for an action cam to capture my flights, i dont want to break the bank on a go pro, although i know the Fusion is like a cube so its small.

Is there any alternatives that are small and light that capture either 1080p or 4K. Id say £50 range?

Been looking at this
Or this

Does anyone have something they prefare?


I was going to buy this but fish eye… 170 degree is too much for my taste
I’m looking for something too.

Yeah 170° is quite wide, i dont like to see props in videos, but i think it will be fine on my quad as i only have 4" bullnose props.

I use a caddx turtle in a custom 3d printed case that fits into to gopro mounts

The Caddx Turtle records at 1080p 60fps…

Have a look at this thread and see if it suits your needs

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