Caddx Turtle Case Unmanned Tech


I have Turtle v2 on the way and just want too ask if the turtle v2 will fit DNUTS case from your shop ?


Thanks for looking at the Caddx case.

It wasn’t designed for the v2 as is wasn’t out yet.
But I’ve had a close look at the v2 board and they haven’t changed or moved the SD card slot or button. ( I don’t think )
But they have added a mic…


with the wires for the mic trailing out the side or the board.
Your have to desolder the wires and get them to run in towards the board.

I think the board will fit but I can not say for certain as I’ve not tested it.

If you still decide to buy the case and it doesn’t fit you can return the case.

If it doesn’t fit. Ill look into updating the design.


Hi little update on case. Its fit perfect Turtle v2.