Runcam 3S will it be worth the wait?

If you visited the runcam website today you would of seen the nice banner on the top announcing the runcam 3S.

Basically if you have been looking around the internet it is no secret that runcam have been working on this for a while after gopro sued them for the runcam 3. But now that the gopro session is no longer an active product, runcam can start selling the runcam 3 again.

As usual once we actualy have one we will post a review over on the blog, so keep an eye out for that. If there is anything specific you would like to know before buying one just let us know!

Also are you excited about this camera or do you think the boat has sailed on session form factor action cameras?

Where to Buy

Session form factor all the way…
Even through we don’t care about aerodynamics.
I’d much rather have a small capable HD camera over the larger GoPro Hero 6 any day.


+1 to this, I’m pretty hyped up for the 3S, I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Woohooo!!! @unmannedtech - put me down to buy one off you when you have them in stock!!! :slight_smile:


Im ordering one regardless of the crashed exchange rate UNLESS GoPro comes to terms with their price scalping and matches $90 (with discount)

Excellent news. I thought I had come into the hobby at the wrong time after finding out that GoPro were stopping the session form factor but it looks like this could be a good camera. Question is, will it be better than the foxeer box?

Yeah, we should get ours at the end of this month so not too long to wait to find out… but I imagine it will be the same/similar to the runcam split footage.

Although I do like what @DoomedFPV is doing with his caddx turtle camera… making a session form factor mount for it here:

@unmannedtech - do you have the mount for the runcam 3 also ready to ship outt? :smiley: