D.I.Y Box Camera

The crash at 1:49 made me go back and watch again as first thought it was an impressive recovery :slight_smile:

Nice flying and footage :slight_smile:

With Matek bring out a new FC.
Matek F722-SE AIO Flight Controller

That supports dual camera control.
I’m going to strip down my Caddx box and wire up the video and TX & RX pads from the Caddex to the 5pin JST connector.

With the new FC I’ll be able to switch to the Caddx, activiate the HD record via a switch on my Transmitter and then switch back to my FPV camera.

I’ll add a couple of picture below and a wiring diagram as I go.

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This is how I wired up the Caddx to the 5Pin JST connector

On the connector wiring order isn’t important as long as you know what it is.
Getting it wrong could kill your caddx.

I’ll update again when its wired up to the new FC.