Cc3d to r9d but it won't do anything anymore

I took my receiver out of my quad and then tried to put it back it and now my drone won’t do anything

  • Does your CC3D still work with betaflight / cleanflight on you PC.

  • Did you change any thing else?

  • Can you try and get a picture of the FC and RX up the right way, so we can better see the pin outs.

and I don’t have a pc to hook it up to

If you can’t connect to your pc there is not much we can do to help, as the first thing you will need to connect to your pc to check setting or update firmware before deciding if the FC is dead or not.

I have to agree with alex.

With out your FC on a PC we can’t tell weather or not your FC can see your Rx or not.
The Reciever tab is really useful for this… i.e. testing channel mapping, end points, switches ect…

OK thank you I’ll see what I can do and get back to y’all