Cc3d no comms with Frsky d4r ii

A new build Nighthawk X5 built in PSB using mini cc3d, Taranis, D4R ii. First time using a mini cc3d, always found cc3d straight forward and easy with OP Wizards.

Able to get thro vehicle wizard ok motors running calibrates ok
The issue this time is when I start the Tx Wizard I get a message ’ no RX activity ’ , true there is none visible on the wizard and also when out of Librepilot using Tx Rx nothing happens.
I bound The Tx RX whilst connected to the USB , Rx does green light when powered all seems well.

I tested the Rx on another quad that has cc3d and Rx works fine.

I use ppm with rx white cable moved to pin 8 .

Any idea’s please.

You might want to go to the Configuration Tab to manually set the inputs to be PPM, and on this tab you can also check if CC3D is reading your receiver correctly

Also I would also try first connecting PPM to pin 3 just to check that is working, and then move to pin 8 if you want to use oneshot and also check the receiver port configuraiton on the hardware config page