CC3d Revo & IBUS

Good Morning
My first post so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I’ve just completed my first build, a ZMR 250 frame, running a CC3D Revolution board. It is operating using PPM as i thought my FlySky X6B supported SBUS which it doesn’t. I know the CC3D (at the time of purchasing) didn’t support IBUS, and there’s no option for it in LibrePilot 15.09, however, the IBUS option now appears when updated to 16.09.

So my question is, Will the CC3D Revolution now support IBUS, or is this just an option that wont work and has just appeared in LibrePilot?

I’m fine with PPM, but if IBUS could be an option, it would make the wiring a little neater :slight_smile:


Im not too familiar with the CC3d Revo, but i didnt find anything online about IBUS on the CC3d Revo.
Maybe just try it out if it works :slight_smile:

I’m the cautious type, i didn’t want to risk buggering anything without asking first :slight_smile:

Yeah SBUS/IBUS/SPEKTRUM are all just various digital protocols for sending signals (the simple answer anyway). To read an IBUS signal they just needed to add the appropriate code to the firmware so it is great to see that they have.

If you wanted to read more you can see our quick guide here: