Ibus and ppm problem

IA-10B BUYER connected to the RX2 pin of my control card,
In Betaflight, there is no mobility in the betaflight receiver section when I select the serial based receiver and select the ibus and install the receiver sockets in the CH10.
When I connect PPM to the receiver socket and select PPM instead of serial based in betaflight, there is movement in receiver section. I want to use drone with ibus.
I know that my control card matek has f722-std ibus support.
What is your problem?
thank you

If you want to use IBUS you need to connect the Receiver Cable to IBUS on the Receiver as it is labeled.
Then connect the other side of your Cable to your FC on the ports that are used for IBUS.
Then enable IBUS in Betaflight and turn on Serial Based Receiver on the UART (you can use every UART RX) on which you connected the Receiver.

THIS also may help.

yes I was using a wrong pin, thank you my friend

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