Can i free up a UART by disabling the BlueTooth on the Mamba F722

Hi I have 2 boards that use Bluetooth The Mamba F722 and the JHE F7 BT.
I would like to use the Tx4 and Rx4 pins for Telemetry. But the Instructions Show that the Bluetooth is on Uart4. on both Flight controllers. The pins are there to use.
So Can I reassign the pins in Betaflight to standard UARTS. ??

BTW the JHE F7 BT Flight controller is a work of art. Not sure yet But I think it also has a pinout for Camera control Marked CMA. Can anyone confirm this.

Regards Antony.

just a update.
Have found this on another Flight controller The SpeedyBee F7 AIO.

" Throttle Armed, the Bluetooth module will deactivate automatically"
“Throttle Disarmed, the Bluetooth module will activate automatically”

Could it be that all the flight controllers do this ??


I dont think that you can manually disable it.

The automatic deactivation is a sefety feature most likely, because if you accidentally change sometihing wrong while doing bluetooth, it could freak out with the motors spinning

Yeah and you don’t want bluetooth module blasting RF next to your radio receiver which might be listening to a very similar frequency.

Hi and thanks for your Reply’s.
So I take it that the Bluetooth deactivates on Arming and It frees up the Uart .
That’s was what I was wanting…
Thanks again.

Well, I don’t think it will free it up for anything else that’s on there, just that it will turn it off. I think that it runs off of MSP on the uart, which you should be able to manually turn off, but that won’t stop the BT module from blasting out RF anyway.
The F722 has a lot of uarts anyway, I’m kinda curious as to what else you are running to need an extra one