Brain fart Pixhawks

I an setting up a Zephyr 2 wing using a Pixhawks. I have carried out the setup but can not get the aircraft fly respond to FBWB in a sensible way, manual flight is fine. Any ideas, I have reloaded the Pix and started from scratch.

My tx is the Turnigy 9XR through a EZuhf rx.

Mixer Chl 1 -100 Ele
+100 Ail

     Chl 2   100 Ele
               +100 Ail

      chl 3 100 Throttle.

cheers D

When you say your pixhawk is not responding in a reasonable way in fbwb mode, could you provide a few more details? A video is always helpful too if you have one?

I will try to get some video in a few days but essentially, I can set manual modes, but in FBW it looks like only one channel is responding. I am thinking the issue is the Tx settings, i have experimented with changing the reverse controls and channels. But i seem to be going in circles. The auto mode is not flying the wing, so i may roll it to the right and only the right aileron goes down, but the left does not move. I also can’t not seem to get the aileron/ elevator pitch mode to reverse. so nose down both surfaces go down, which should be up to stabilise the situation.

I have tried with elevon on, and off, making sure that the Tx is on airplane and not wing preset etc. Also when I initially set the pixhawk it never seem to remember the compass setting, and reverts to manual??

If thats you Alex you appreciate I am not a complete beginner, but my hair is going Blonde, I mean grey…