Bluetooth to telemetry bridge

From the sounds of it, I think something has gone wrong on your module to brick the firmware as it should be showing up as a bluetooth device.when its powered up.

However here are a few more things to check. Can you run the AT+VERSION command and see what you get back. Also sometimes depending on what bluetooth module you have, you might need to add \r\n at the end of each command, so typing AT would be AT\r\n, and to change baud rate you can try AT+BAUD8\r\n.

Otherwise if none of that works it might just be that your bluetooth module is bricked :boom: :frowning:

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segui os passos que vc fez, mas nao tive sucesso com a conexao da minha telemetria com o drone, coloquei o BAUD 57k alterei no RFD900+ pra 57k tambem, porem o mission planner nao conecta atraves do bluetooth a telemetria