Bluetooth Module linking

I received the above item a few weeks ago but have only just got to fit it to my Naze32 rev5 board.
when I tried to check it using the Arduino IDE, it would not talk to it (I have done the successfully many times before. When I link it to a smartphone it links to ‘ZMR’ and the pair code is ‘1234’ not as advertise namely ‘Crius_BT’ and ‘0000’.
Finally when I attach it to the Naze and link to a smartphone it appears in the BT area, it links to the app, but nothing is being dowloaded.

What baud rate did you set the Bluetooth module to, as it seem to be the same on both the module and the port on the naze32 board for it to communicate correctly.

I have never been able to link it to try. I’ve tested it against all baud rates in the Arduino IDE and none work. D

Just to continue the conversation, Ive just dug out a spare BT module and it works seamlessly with Arduino. I try the BT module mentioned above with the same set up and unfortunately whilst the red light flashes it cannot be reprogrammed. Could I return this please and get a replacement? Thanks