New 3DR telemetry set problems(please help)

hi I have bought this telemetry set for 3DROBOTICS

The problem is after disconnecting the modules are refused to get connected. It just get connected for one time or may be two or more times then refused to connect. I have to program it again to get connected. I am totally getting mad with it. Any idea why this is happening? when the problems occur then if I goto initial setup then “load setting” then only the data’s of the telemetry which is connected to the computer is shown. The remote telemetry information is not loaded. Here I’m attaching a photo marking which side is loaded with greeen color

Could you please confirm that when you plug in the radio that you can see some LED’s (green and red) flashing on the module?

  • Have you installed the drivers for them (FTDI Drivers)
  • Double check the FTDI connection cable it attached properly
  • Make sure you choose the correct COM port and baud rate (57600) in the mission planner and click connect
  • after connected press Ctrl+ A to open the radio config window
  • You can also try to update the firmware from this screen

yes they both flashes… red led blink. The problem is it works for some time when I flash it with the firmware. But after successfully connecting 3 or 4 times it starts to show the problem I mentioned above. Yes I have installed the FTDI drivers. I used to update the firmware from this screen … please let me know can this create any problem? I use the upload firmware (LOcal) button

I find it strange that you can connect just fine for a few times, then all of a sudden you cant. When this happens if you restart your PC (or try on another PC) do they work again? If it does work again then its something to do with your PC not closing the COM port properly. Otherwise it would be a good idea to contact the shop you purchased the modules from if they are still under warranty.